About us

Intelligent Core Sdn Bhd (ICSB) is a technology based company focusing on Audio & Visual, Automation, Information Technology and Security Solutions. Technological challenges fascinate our engineers. We spent countless hours of sleepless night thinking of the best solutions for a particular project so that our customers can benefit from a cost effective, reliable and user friendly system.

The ICSB Group consists of engineers and programmers that provide turnkey solution in the field of automation, IT development, custom application, networking, and project management. We have implemented and managed projects smoothly, efficiently and timely to the satisfaction of the end users. Quality and safety have always been our virtues not to forget meeting tight timelines for discerning clients. We are also fully aware of our responsibility towards mother earth and that is why we try the best of our ability to promote eco friendly solutions.

Most of our customers are through referral from satisfied customers. We owe it to them to continue to provide quality products and services. We really mean it when we say...

Quality, Loud and Clear